Here is some preliminary results of some analysis of Twitter data about the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.  First we tracked tweets containing #spurs, @spurs, and #gospursgo for the Spurs and #miamiheat and @miamiheat for the Heat, based on .


In this the Spurs won in a blow out, pretty much starting in the second quarter.  So far the interesting things I noted were that people tend to tweet during the half time and after the game (7:10 and 8:31).  Comparing this game with the previous game, it seems that the winners tended to get more tweets.  But that’s not to say that there is causation or even direct correlation b/c we could also say that the home team got more tweets in both cases.

Here are some salient timestamps that Jon and I identified during the game.

6:15-Duncan dunk -Spurs up by 7
6:21-good LeBron James play -Miami coming back
6:49-Danny Green 3 pointer-Spurs go up by 8
6:57-spurs go up by 10
7:01-Neal 3 pointer,Spurs by 11
7:09-heat tie it up
7:10-Neal hits at buzzer spurs up at halftime
7:43-largest spurs lead of the night

7:58: End of third, 758


8:09-Spurs slam dunk
8:10-Spurs 3 point

8:16-Spurs 3 point

8:16-Spurs dunk
8:18-Spurs 3 point
8:22-Heat 3 point
8:22-Time out
8:29-Spurs dunk
8:31-Game over